Looking for a Babysitter?

BabySitters24x7.com offer a babysitting service. There are many reasons why you may need a baby sitter.

We provide skilled local baby sitter for half or full days in any time of the year, public holidays included.
You can ask for availability by filling in our booking form or you can call us for a quick response.

Children judge you as much by the way you look and act as by the words you say. Be sure of yourself and make sure to be your self.

Babysitting is to Be mature: You need to be matured and act calmly in an emergency. You have to maintain authority and take control. Show good manners while babysitting : Be polite, and act in a courteous manner. This includes respect for the privacy of families by not going through closets and personal possessions and using manners.

Babysitting meaning Being knowledgeable about kids: You need a basic understanding of the stages of child development & behaviour. You must also know the basic techniques of feeding, dressing, diapering, bathing and playing with younger and older children. So make sure you do research before your babysitting job.

Have a business-like attitude: Make sure you agree on the business aspects of the job before babysitting with a new family for the first time. Get the necessary information from the parents before they leave.

Be adaptable for babysitting : Accept the differences between households. It’s your responsibility to fit in with the family’s usual routines. If you feel uncomfortable with the family’s lifestyle, you may need to refuse to accept the opportunity to babysit for them.

Be safety conscious: Protect the children from harm. Be alert at all times and never let your guard down when babysitting.

You will be in demand: Good babysitters are recommended by many parents. Usually they are busy with repeated jobs for the same families.

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